High Mill Lake Fangbericht KW 20 Juni 2015

Beitrage The Carp Specialist auf 30-06-2015

After a few days of rain the sunshine returned at High Mill Lake and the temperatures were back to normal for June.  So a very pleasant week for our 5 anglers, resulting in some good fish and a few PB's to. 



All our guests this week were regular visitors to French waters though it was their first time here.  Wim and Izhar were up on swim 8 with Jessica acting as photographer and she did a great job with their 24 fish.  Fishing a mixture of scopex and garlic boilies and pop ups or tigernuts on blow back rigs to the lily pads their biggest was a little under 42lb with 7 over 30lb. 



Mario and his wife were in the chalet and he fished tigernuts and garlic boilies on KD rigs at a distanc of between 85 and 120m to produce 7 fish, including 4 over 30lb, a 43lb 6oz and a 46lb.  He didn't have a Jessica though so there are no photos.  But he is back for 2 weeks in August with another angler. 

Joop and his wife Patricia started their first week of a 2 week trip on swim 11 where they landed 3 fish, 2 30's and a 22lb.  But when the weather got hot they decided to follow the fish down the lake a little and moved to swim 10 where they landed a further 10 fish.  Their tactics were small 12mm fruity pop ups and 15mm fruit boilies on a snowman rig producing in all 8 over 30lb to 39lb 6oz, a 41lb 8oz and Patricia's new PB mirror at 53lb 2oz. 

So 44 fish from 50 runs and an overall average of 30lb 9oz.


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