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Fangbericht High Mill Lake April / Mai 2014

Woche 26e April

2 brothers booked High Mill Lake exclusively and they chose to fish on swims 6 and 8. Using Mainline Cell, tiger nuts and MTC garlic they had 25 runs over the five nights they fished, the majority on the Cell boilies, and they landed 23 fish. Amongst those were 5 lovely 30lb+ commons and 7 30lb plus mirrors. Their biggest fish were 2 mirrors, 44lb 4oz and 43lb.

Woche 3e Mai

It was much busier with 12 anglers and the weather was bad all week. More heavy rain and high winds made conditions less than comfortable but the fishing was awesome. 2 guys from Germany drove 14 hours to come for only 3 nights so respect to them for their efforts, They were truly rewarded with 28 runs resulting in 23 fish, 6 at around 33lb, 2 at 35lb, 39lb, 40lb and 48lb 13oz and a whopping 32lb average. We also had 3 more Germans, a Suisse man and his son and a Dutch couple who all managed fish over 30lb mainly on the MTC garlic. But it was 3 lads from Leicester who stole the show. Tristan borrowed £10 from his brother to buy raffle tickets at a charity day organised by Norman Moon and won a trip here for 2.
So together with his friend Simon and Scott who paid to come too they came with high hopes of a new PB. Tristan's came first on swim 8 and after 5 years of carp fishing he achieved his first over 50lb with a beautiful mirror at 51lb 8oz, closely followed by another mirror at 49lb 8oz and then he completed his hat trick with a mirror at 48lb 11oz. The start of the week was very slow for Scott, a newcomer to carp fishing. His previous PB was 26lb and having seen Tristan's big fish he was desperate to catch one for himself and he did with another cracking mirror at 44lb 3oz after moving up from swim 6 to swim 11 after the German boys had left. He thought it couldn't get any better but he was wrong! He followed it up with a mirror at 50lb 8oz. Scott also landed a 30lb, 36lb and a 38lb to put this session in to the category of trip of a lifetime where all but 1 of his fish beat his previous PB. That just left Simon to beat his PB and he wasn't disappointed when he landed the biggest fish of the week with a cracking common at 54lb 6oz.
With an overall average for the week of 34lb it was one to remember for us too. Taking full advantage of Tony Davis Patrick he has done an interview with the 3 boys so watch out for that on our website soon for their reactions.
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