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Fangbericht High Mill Lake Winter 2016/2017

"It has been a very difficult end to the year for us, as many of you are aware. So rather than try to catch up on a weekly basis and bore the pants off you, we thought we would just summarise the last few months and give you some overall figures on fish growth for the year. I hope it won’t sound too much like the Queen’s speech!
So September was, as always, a busy month in terms of anglers. The best week in terms of the fishing was the first week producing fish over 50lb to Ben Hewish and his colleague Darren, Frank and Ludwig Maas, and Davy Leysen who was top rod for the week on the chalet swim. He finished on 16 fish including 2 of the 4 50’s out that week, using tiger nuts against the dam wall. The rest of September produced 50’s in all but 1 week, with plenty of 40’s to go with them.
October also produced some great fish, the best being the last week which saw 42 fish of which there were 12 over 40 and 3 over 50 for Frank Smith, Roeland Bocken, Mario Jahrmatter. Pieter and Carola Verklaren were top rods up on swim 8 with 19 fish between them.
Into November the fish still kept coming with 2 over 50 for Richard Piotrowski in the first week. Then we were quiet until the first week in December when Gavin and Jane Grimshaw came dogsitting for us whilst we were back in the UK and Gavin fished 5 nights on the chalet swim. He was not disappointed either when he finished on 2 over 40lb, a 50lb and a 55lb, all mirrors. The year is not finished either as we have 3 groups coming on Christmas Eve so we hope it will finish with a bang.
So for some yearly statistics. Our average, calculated on every single fish caught throughout the year, continues to grow and this year saw a tremendous leap of nearly 5lb from 31lb last year to 35.75lb this year. The number of small fish has decreased proving that removing the 20’s has been successful , with half the amount caught this year compared to last year. Though the number of 30’s stayed roughly the same the number of 40’s rose from 120 to 219 with 76 of those above 45lb so a good chance many of them may be 50’s next year. The most surprising of all though was the number of 50’s, 21 last year rose to 73 this year with 21 of those over 55lb. So a good chance of some 60’s next year. We will feed cooked maize and boilies over the winter to give them a good start into the spring to make sure the success of this year continues. We also plan to restock with some new bloodlines and will be receiving approximately 18-20 young carp from good, fast growing stock in the early part of next year.
The gite is now finished with the addition of the new terrace area which provides stunning outside space. The chalet lounge is receiving a makeover this winter so that completes the 2 year plan to refresh the decor in there too.
So we would like to thank you all for your continued support and, more importantly, your friendship. We have been really moved by your messages of sympathy these past few months, it really does mean the world to us. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a really special 2017 and we look forward to seeing you very soon at High Mill Lake."
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