Fangbericht von Grand Pres – Woche 1/8 April 2017

Beitrage The Carp Specialist auf 13-04-2017

Richard der Besitzer berichtet:

" Last week, the first week of the season was not so bad for the beginning of the year at Grands Prés. On swim 11, they caught 15 carp: one big of 28kg and 1 of 18.2kg. On swim 6, the angler caught more than 10 carp and the biggest was 17kg. Few fishs of 12/14kg and the rest between 8 /10 kg. They catch only 3 or 4 carp in swim 4 and 10 and no fish in swim 1 and 5. A big part was a small carp 8 to 12kg but it is always like this at the beginning of the season. Small fish are catched in first."



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