Neuer Seerekord: Gigantica Road Lake Three Scales

Three scales tips the scales for Fat fish lake exclusive at an impressive 59.08lb just shy of the magic 60lb mark its not going to be long before the Road Lake has its first 60lb chunk on the bank!
The weather this week has been mild with very little in the way of rain and day time temperature’s improving as the week has gone on with everything looking perfect for some good fishing the only thing against the anglers this week is a high pressure system still sitting on top of us other than this conditions have been perfect.
Phil Newman fished The poo had the week of a lifetime with his lucky number being 3 he came out 3rd in the draw got his 3rd choice of swim landed 3 of the lakes larger residents The Blade at 42.08oz, Stubby at 47lb along with two 30s one mid 20 and topped this with a new PB and lake record with 3 scale at a new top weight of 59.08oz Phil fished a 9”size 4 kurv D rig tipped with yellow and white Manilla wafters baiting up with the spom during the day and throwing stick during the evening when the fish were showing over the baited spot’s his left rod was fished at 10 wraps towards shingles the middle rod at 17 wraps towards Turtles corner and his final rod was fished at 8½ wraps into the right hand margin.
Ian Cannon fishing Tea Party 1 also had a week to remember with the fish on him right from the start of the session with a 16 fish total for the week including 7 x doubles 5 x mid 20s 3 x 30s and topped his weeks catch with the Hammer at 52lb Ian fished all three rods at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner and opted for the spinner rig with an 18mm Manilla wafter and baited up with the throwing stick approach over an area the size of a large dinner table.
Anna and George started the week in Dunkirque and managed to winkle out the Korda social common on the first night on his left hand rod fished at 8 wraps towards decoy using a blow back rig on a running lead with low fish activity in the area they decided to move around to The Beach after seeing fish showing on a 22 wrap spot in front of the bung wall they baited up by hand over the spot with 2-3 kg over each rod this method paid off with a lovely 23.05oz common this proved to be the only two fish for the couple this week after losing two more later in the week.
Jason Foster fishing Billy’s was amongst the 30s with three fish for the week all in the 30s the first being the biggest at 39lb mirror on the Monday night this was followed on Wednesday night with another very respectable 34.08oz mirror and his third fish came on the last night with a stunning 34lb mirror. Jason fished a soft N Trap D rig with a Manilla wafter and fished all three rods at 17 wraps towards Tea Party 2 baiting up with the throwing stick and 5kg of boilies through the day feeding little and often to keep the swim active.
Chris Bates fishing Birches managed two doubles for the week with the first coming on the Sunday night at 16.04oz and the second on the Friday night at 14lb both fish falling to a manila wafter on a D rig and running lead system fished at 14 wraps towards the island Chris used 20kg of bait during the course of the week using both the throwing stick and spom baiting up after lunch each day.
Dean Cullen fishing Bachelliers had a fantastic week with a new PB in the shape of Rons fish at 51.08oz a cracking mirror along with two commons of 30lb and 22lb all three fish falling for his Plan B Active Bait Solutions hook bait fished on the Ronnie rig at 19½ wraps towards the tall tree on the left hand side of the swim Dean baited the spot with 2-3 kg of freebies around lunch time each day topping up after each fish and after dinner using 35kg over the course of the week.
Another great week was had by all on the road lake this week with a weeks total of 50 fish and a new lake record at 59.08oz I’m sure it wont be long before we see our first 60 pounder and 11 fish now tipping the scales over the 50lb mark why not book your next trip to Gigantica Road Lake and try and land one of these stunning fish for yourselves I am sure its going to throw up some surprises in 2018 look forward to seeing you all.
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